The National Quality Framework

The Tablelands Family Day Care Scheme will now be assessed under the National Quality Framework. The broad objective of the National Quality Framework is to ensure that children in family day care have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that foster all aspects of their development. It does this by defining quality in family day care and by providing a frame work for measuring quality in a child care setting.

The National Quality Framework process aims to provide children in Family Day Care with high quality care that promotes their learning and development. It's about ongoing service improvement that involves all stakeholders including Educators, Coordination Unit Staff, Management, Parents and Children.

There are 7 National Quality Standards:
  • Educational Program & Practice
  • Children's Health & Safety
  • Physical Environment
  • Staffing Arrangement
  • Relationships with Children
  • Collaborative partnerships with families & communities
  • Leadership & service management
Tablelands Family Day Care

The National Quality Framework is an Australian Government initiative and is managed by the EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION and CARE OFFICE.

Programming in Family Day Care

Tablelands Family Day Care does not expect Educators to program at a teacher standard, but we do expect that all their programming be play based. Parents choose FDC because of the small group of children & that there is more 1 on 1 than in a child care centre. Programs should be simple & child focused. There are many ways to program & as long as Educators meet the Early Years Learning Framework requirements they can create any format that suits them.

Tablelands Family Day Care

Programming for each child's experiences is integral to providing a high quality service. Each Educator should develop a style of care that enables them to gather information that builds on the children's strengths, interests and needs. Information gathering tools can include but are not limited to the completion of forms, photos, diaries, paintings, audio media, surveys, observations and conversations with families children and other stakeholders. This information gathering will provide the Educator with information on the child's relationships, family backgrounds, lifestyles, interests, language, culture and community and will assist in planning to meet the individual development needs of each child in care.

Tablelands Family Day Care

Tablelands Family Day Care Scheme policies play a vital role in the operation of the Scheme and in the Family Day Care Educator's business. The Scheme's policies guide the actions of everyone involved in caring for children and ensure consistency. Policies ensure that the well-being of all stakeholders in the Scheme are planned for. They create common understandings and expectations about how things are done within the Scheme. The Scheme's policies are in accordance with the National Quality Standards and child care legislation and give a step by step guide of what's expected. The Scheme's policy manual is reviewed regularly and new policies added when needed. Policies are public documents and can be viewed at any time by interested parties. Feedback on the Scheme's policies is also welcomed.